Congress of

Care, beauty and dreams:
roots of education

The time has come for an educational transformation with a broad scientific and narrative base,
capable of preserving, and not dissembling, the best of humanity. After three editions of the
International Congress of Educational Transformation, held between America and Europe, we mean
to extend dialogue and cooperation by encouraging the encounter between continents and disciplines,
creating a space for the exchange of experiences, research and different educational reflections.
Care, beauty and dreams seem to us to be the first foundations for a possible change of education
and school.


29 – 31 October


Sede Operativa di Monte Sant’Angelo
Via Cinthia, 26 Complesso Universitario di Monte Sant’Angelo
Edificio 1 (Centri Comuni) – piano terra
80126 Napoli

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Riccardo Dalisi, L’arciere delle stelle, 2001
“E quindi uscimmo a riveder le stelle”. [“And thus we came out to see the stars again”] (Dante, Inferno, XXXIV, 139)

With Dante, my drawing wishes you all to continue your “educational dream” with the strenght that defines you .